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15 Major Companies that Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments in 2024


15 Major Companies that Accept Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Payments in 2024


Stack of bitcoins surrounded by logos of major companies and online stores.

You’ve accumulated some Bitcoin, and now you’re wondering where to spend it. Did you know that nearly 36% of small to medium-sized businesses in the US accept this digital currency as a form of payment? This article will guide you through a comprehensive list of major companies, online stores, food brands, and even sports teams that are embracing Bitcoin payments.

Let’s dive right in and discover how your Bitcoins can become real-world purchases!

Benefits of Using Bitcoin as Payment

An illuminated Bitcoin symbol hovers over a futuristic cityscape at night.

Using Bitcoin as a payment method offers several benefits, including quick and cheap transactions, high levels of security, privacy and anonymity, and global accessibility.

Quick and cheap transactions

Bitcoin transactions stand out for their speed and affordability. Traditional banking systems often impose hefty fees and take several days to process, especially for international transactions.

On the contrary, Bitcoin operates on a global peer-to-peer network that makes transferring Bitcoin between wallets nearly instantaneous without relying on banks. Plus, transaction fees remain low regardless of where you or the recipient are located in the world.

This efficiency does not only save time but also reduces costs significantly, making it an appealing payment option both for businesses and consumers alike.

High level of security

Bitcoin transactions excel in offering top-tier security. The cutting-edge blockchain technology it leverages does not only deter fraud but also provides clear, immutable records of all transactions.

This digital secure fortress protects your valuable cryptocurrency from potential hacking threats and fraudulent activities.

The elimination of intermediaries in Bitcoin payments further enhances its security level. Traditional payment methods often involve third-party services, which could be vulnerable to breaches or data thefts.

However, with Bitcoin’s direct peer-to-peer system, such risks are minimized substantially, ensuring a high level of security for users worldwide.

Privacy and anonymity

Bitcoin payments guarantee users both privacy and anonymity, an increasingly crucial feature in our digital world. Unlike traditional fiat transactions, bitcoin transactions do not necessitate the sharing of extensive personal information, thus reducing the risk of identity theft.

Instead, merchants only see the wallet address from which funds are being sent. This approach makes it challenging to link a transaction directly to an individual’s identity – ensuring anonymity.

Bitcoin serves as a global currency accessible anywhere there’s an internet connection, regardless of whether you have a bank account or not. The high level of privacy and security offered by cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin takes us one step closer to a secure digital future where control over personal data is returned to individuals.

Global accessibility

Bitcoin is opening doors to a global market breaking down financial barriers across the globe. With just an internet connection, anyone, even those without access to conventional banking services in developing countries, can transact using Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

This digital currency creates new possibilities for businesses looking to tap into these untapped markets of potential consumers. It’s not just about being able to make purchases online; it’s also about offering equal opportunities for all people regardless of their location or socio-economic status.

Major Companies Accepting Bitcoin

Major company logos enveloped by Bitcoin symbols in a futuristic cityscape.

There are several major companies that have embraced Bitcoin as a payment option. Find out which ones and how you can use your digital currency to make purchases!


Wikipedia is one of the major companies that accept Bitcoin as a form of donation. With its vast user-generated content and commitment to providing free knowledge, Wikipedia relies on donations to support its operations.

Through BitPay, a popular cryptocurrency payment processor, users can contribute Bitcoin directly to Wikipedia’s mission. By accepting Bitcoin, Wikipedia allows supporters to make easy and secure transactions while contributing to the platform’s continued growth and accessibility.

It’s worth noting that while Wikipedia accepts Bitcoin donations, it does not directly endorse or promote any specific cryptocurrencies. Instead, it offers an alternative method for those who prefer using digital currencies like Bitcoin to show their support for this valuable online resource.


Microsoft is at the forefront of cryptocurrency adoption, as it allows users to top up their Microsoft accounts using Bitcoin. This means that you can conveniently use your Bitcoin to pay for various Microsoft services and products.

You can use Bitcoin to purchase Xbox Live memberships, Office 365 subscriptions, Windows operating system purchases, and even movies and games from the Microsoft Store. By accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment, Microsoft has played a significant role in increasing the accessibility and usability of cryptocurrencies for consumers.

Additionally, its acceptance of Bitcoin has contributed to the wider acceptance of cryptocurrencies in the business world.


AT&T, one of the major US mobile carriers, has embraced cryptocurrency by offering a payment option through BitPay. This partnership allows AT&T customers to pay their bills using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dogecoin.

By accepting these digital currencies as payment methods, AT&T joins other tech giants like Microsoft and Dell in embracing the future of finance. This move not only highlights AT&T’s willingness to adapt to changing technology but also reflects the evolving landscape of payment options in today’s digital age.

Pizza Hut

Pizza Hut is one of the major companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. This popular pizza chain joins other well-known brands like Microsoft, AT&T, and Burger King in embracing cryptocurrency.

Pizza Hut’s decision to accept Bitcoin demonstrates the growing popularity of cryptocurrencies as a mainstream form of payment. It also highlights the global reach and accessibility of Bitcoin as Pizza Hut accepts it not only in the United States but also in Venezuela.

This move by Pizza Hut showcases the potential for digital currencies to revolutionize traditional payment methods.


Twitch, the popular live streaming platform owned by Amazon, is among the companies that accept Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash as payment. With Twitch, users can use their cryptocurrencies to pay for various services on the platform.

This includes subscribing to streamers’ channels or purchasing bits, which are virtual currencies used to support content creators during streams. By accepting Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, Twitch provides its users with a convenient and alternative method of payment while engaging in their favorite live streams and supporting their favorite content creators.

Online Stores Accepting Bitcoin

Bitcoin logo on laptop screen surrounded by online store logos.

There are several online stores that accept Bitcoin as payment, including Overstock, NewEgg, and Gyft. If you’re looking to shop with your cryptocurrency, read on to discover more options!


Overstock is a well-known online store that has embraced cryptocurrency as a payment method. They have partnered with Coinbase to accept Bitcoin payments for online orders. In fact, Overstock accepts multiple cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash.

This means you can conveniently shop for a wide range of discounted items on their website using your preferred digital currency. Overstock’s commitment to blockchain technology goes even further with the transformation of its blockchain division, Medici Ventures, into a blockchain-focused investment fund.

So, if you’re looking to make purchases with your cryptocurrencies, Overstock is definitely an option worth considering.


NewEgg, one of the leading online retailers for electronics and computer hardware, has partnered with BitPay to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as payment. This partnership allows customers to make quick and secure transactions using their preferred digital currency.

NewEgg’s acceptance of Bitcoin reflects the growing trend of businesses embracing cryptocurrencies as a viable payment option. With multiple cryptocurrency options available, including Bitcoin, NewEgg provides a convenient way for tech enthusiasts and gamers to purchase their favorite products with ease.


Gyft is a platform that allows you to use Bitcoin as payment in online stores and companies. With Gyft, you can purchase gift cards for various brands using your Bitcoin. This gives you a convenient way to spend your digital currency on future purchases.

The best part? Gyft doesn’t charge any fees when you use Bitcoin to buy these gift cards. By partnering with Gyft, online retailers can reach a larger customer base and attract cryptocurrency users who are looking to spend their Bitcoin.

With Gyft, it’s easy and hassle-free to use your Bitcoin for shopping!

Services Accepting Bitcoin

A laptop with a Bitcoin screensaver surrounded by diverse online service logos.

ExpressVPN and Namecheap are two popular services that accept Bitcoin as payment.


ExpressVPN is a popular virtual private network (VPN) service that allows users to browse the internet securely and anonymously. One great feature of ExpressVPN is its acceptance of Bitcoin as payment.

By accepting Bitcoin, ExpressVPN provides its customers with an additional level of privacy and anonymity while subscribing to their VPN services. This allows users to protect their online activities and keep their personal information safe from prying eyes.

With ExpressVPN’s commitment to security and convenient Bitcoin payment option, it’s no wonder why this service is a top choice for those looking for reliable VPN protection.


Namecheap, a leading domain registrar and web hosting provider, has been accepting Bitcoin as a convenient payment method since 2013. This means that customers can use their Bitcoin to purchase domain names and other services from Namecheap.

By embracing cryptocurrency, Namecheap is part of the growing trend of stores and companies accepting payments with Bitcoin. This integration not only reflects the increasing popularity and acceptance of digital currency but also demonstrates Namecheap’s commitment to customer convenience and innovation in the online world.

Food Brands Accepting Bitcoin

Burger King, Subway, and Quiznos are just a few of the food brands that accept Bitcoin as payment.

Burger King

Burger King, a popular fast food chain, has embraced the use of Bitcoin as a mode of payment in certain countries. In Venezuela, customers can pay for their meals using this digital currency at Burger King outlets.

Additionally, Burger King’s German branch accepts Bitcoin on its website and mobile app. This partnership with BitPay ensures secure and seamless transactions for customers who prefer to use cryptocurrencies.

By accepting Bitcoin, Burger King joins other food brands that are embracing the growing trend of cryptocurrency adoption in the industry.


Subway, the popular fast-food chain, has joined the growing list of food brands that accept Bitcoin as a mode of payment. This means that if you own Bitcoin, you can now use your digital currency holdings to pay for your Subway meals.

The fact that Subway has embraced cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin reflects the increasing popularity and adoption of these digital currencies in the food industry. It’s an exciting development for Bitcoin owners, who can now enjoy their favorite Subway sandwiches while using their preferred form of payment.


Quiznos, a popular food brand known for its delicious sandwiches, has taken a progressive step by accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment. By embracing this digital currency, Quiznos demonstrates its commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the food industry.

This integration allows customers to make secure and efficient purchases using Bitcoin, joining a network of businesses that recognize the benefits of cryptocurrencies. With major food brands like Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Subway, Burger King, and KFC also accepting Bitcoin, Quiznos is part of an exciting movement towards innovative payment options in the fast-food world.

Sports Teams Accepting Bitcoin

Several sports teams have embraced Bitcoin as a form of payment, including the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Dolphins.

Dallas Mavericks

The Dallas Mavericks, a professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas, have embraced the use of Bitcoin as a form of payment. This means that fans can now purchase game tickets and merchandise using the popular cryptocurrency.

By accepting Bitcoin, the Mavericks are at the forefront of a growing trend in the sports industry toward adopting digital currencies. This move not only provides convenience for fans who prefer to use Bitcoin but also showcases the team’s commitment to embracing new technologies and staying ahead of the curve.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins, a professional football team, have joined the growing trend of accepting cryptocurrencies as payment. They now allow fans to purchase tickets using Bitcoin and Litecoin.

This forward-thinking move reflects the increasing adoption of digital currencies in various industries, including sports. By embracing Bitcoin and Litecoin, the Miami Dolphins provide their fans with a convenient and modern way to secure their tickets for games.

It also showcases the team’s commitment to keeping up with evolving technology and meeting the changing preferences of their fanbase.

Travel and Hospitality Businesses Accepting Bitcoin

Travel and hospitality businesses are also embracing Bitcoin, with companies like Virgin Galactic, Norwegian Air, and Pavilions Hotels & Resorts accepting cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

Virgin Galactic

Virgin Galactic, owned by Richard Branson, is one of the companies that accept Bitcoin as payment. Known for its space travel services, Virgin Galactic allows customers to use their Bitcoin to book trips and experiences into outer space.

This means that if you’ve been dreaming of becoming an astronaut and exploring the stars, you can now make that dream a reality using your cryptocurrency. By accepting Bitcoin, Virgin Galactic joins other travel and hospitality businesses in embracing this digital currency trend.

In addition to accepting payments with Bitcoin, Virgin Galactic is also associated with other companies within the travel and hospitality industry that have adopted this form of payment.

This means that when you book your trip to space using Bitcoin with Virgin Galactic, you may also find other businesses along the way that are willing to accept your cryptocurrency during your journey.

Norwegian Air

Norwegian Air, a prominent player in the travel and hospitality industry, is joining the wave of companies that accept Bitcoin as a payment option. This move reflects the growing trend of cryptocurrency adoption worldwide.

In line with their plans to provide customers with convenient payment solutions, Norwegian Air aims to offer travelers the ability to pay for their flights using digital currency. By embracing Bitcoin, Norwegian Air is catering to the needs of modern consumers who value flexibility and convenience when it comes to making transactions.

Pavilions Hotels & Resorts

Pavilions Hotels & Resorts stands out as the world’s first boutique hotel chain that accepts cryptocurrency paymentsspecifically Bitcoin. This innovative approach allows customers to use not only Bitcoin but also Ethereum and over 40 other altcoins when making reservations at Pavilions Hotels & Resorts.

To make a crypto payment, all you need to do is reach out to the hotel reservation team, who will provide you with a payment link that remains valid for 90 minutes. Thanks to their partnership with Coindirect, this process is seamless and hassle-free for customers looking to pay with cryptocurrency.

How to Use Bitcoin for Payment

To use Bitcoin for payment, follow these steps:

  1. Set up a Bitcoin wallet: Download a digital wallet like BitPay, Trust Wallet, or Blockchain Wallet to store your Bitcoins securely.
  2. Get BitcoinPurchase Bitcoin from a reputable exchange like Coinbase or OKCoin using your local currency or by exchanging other cryptocurrencies.
  3. Find a Bitcoin-accepting merchant: Use the BitPay merchant directory or research online to find stores and companies that accept Bitcoin as payment.
  4. Scan the QR code or enter the payment address: When making a purchase, you will be provided with a QR code or a payment address. Open your Bitcoin wallet and scan the QR code or manually enter the payment address.
  5. Enter the amount in Bitcoin: Specify the amount you want to pay in Bitcoin based on the current exchange rate. You can also choose to pay in fractions of Bitcoin called Satoshis.
  6. Confirm the transaction: Review the transaction details on your wallet and confirm the payment. Transactions are usually processed within minutes.
  7. Wait for confirmation: The recipient will receive notification of your payment request and wait for network confirmation before finalizing the transaction.
  8. Enjoy your purchase: Once the payment is confirmed, you can enjoy your purchase knowing that it was made securely with Bitcoin.

FAQs on Bitcoin Acceptance

Can Bitcoin be converted to cash? Yes, Bitcoin can be converted to cash through various methods, such as using a Bitcoin ATM, selling it on a cryptocurrency exchange, or using a Bitcoin debit card.

Does Starbucks accept Bitcoin? No, Starbucks does not currently accept Bitcoin as payment. However, there are other stores and companies that do accept Bitcoin.

What can I buy with Bitcoin? You can buy a wide range of goods and services with Bitcoin, including electronics, gift cards, travel bookings, food delivery, and even donate to charities.

Does eBay accept Bitcoin? While eBay itself does not directly accept Bitcoin as payment, there are third-party platforms like Purse.io that allow users to purchase items from eBay using their Bitcoins.

Remember: Keep the tone friendly.

Can Bitcoin be converted to cash?

Bitcoin can be easily converted to cash through various methods. Cryptocurrency exchangespeer-to-peer trading platforms, and Bitcoin ATMs are popular options for converting Bitcoin to fiat currency.

Additionally, services like BitPay or Coinbase provide easy ways to convert Bitcoin into cash. These third-party services and crypto wallet providers make it simple and convenient for individuals to exchange their Bitcoin for traditional currency.

With these options available, converting your Bitcoin holdings into cash is straightforward and accessible.

Does Starbucks accept Bitcoin?

Starbucks, unfortunately, does not currently accept Bitcoin as a payment method. While Bitcoin is the largest and most popular cryptocurrency globally, Starbucks has yet to adopt it as a form of payment.

However, there are many other major companies and stores that accept Bitcoin, such as Microsoft, AT&T, Burger King, and Subway. If you’re looking to use your Bitcoin for purchases, you may want to explore these options instead.

What can I buy with Bitcoin?

You can buy a wide range of products and services with Bitcoin. Many major companies accept Bitcoin as payment, including Wikipedia, Microsoft, AT&T, Pizza Hut, and Twitch. Online stores like Overstock and NewEgg also accept Bitcoin.

Additionally, you can use Bitcoin to pay for services like ExpressVPN and Namecheap. If you’re craving fast food, Burger King accepts Bitcoin in certain locations. Even sports teams like the Dallas Mavericks and Miami Dolphins have started accepting Bitcoin for tickets and merchandise.

If you’re planning a trip, Virgin Galactic and Norwegian Air allow you to book flights using Bitcoin. With the growing acceptance of cryptocurrency, there are more options than ever before for what you can purchase with Bitcoin.

Does eBay accept Bitcoin?

eBay, one of the largest online marketplaces, does not currently accept Bitcoin as a payment method. While eBay has explored the possibility of accepting cryptocurrencies in the past, they have not implemented this feature on their platform.

However, it’s worth noting that there are other online retailers and marketplaces that do accept Bitcoin for purchases. So if you’re looking to use your Bitcoin for shopping, you may want to explore other options beyond eBay.


Discover a world of possibilities with Bitcoin as more and more stores and companies embrace this digital currency. From major brands like Microsoft and AT&T to fast-food chains like Pizza Hut and Burger King, the list keeps growing.

Take advantage of lower feesincreased security, and global accessibility by using Bitcoin for your next purchase or service. Don’t miss out on opportunities in this rapidly evolving marketplace – start exploring today!


Which major companies accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in 2024?

In 2024, there are numerous major companies that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. Some of them include companies that accept crypto, companies that accept Bitcoin as payment, companies that accept crypto payments, and companies that use cryptocurrency as a payment method.

Can you provide a list of 15 major companies that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments?

Sure! Here are 15 major companies that accept bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments in 2024: companies who accept bitcoin, companies that accept crypto, stores that accept bitcoin, companies that accept bitcoin payments, companies that accept crypto through spend, online travel agencies that accept bitcoin, preferred payment methods for crypto users, companies that accept btc, companies that accept crypto payments, payment processing websites that accept crypto, companies that use crypto, companies that accept bitcoin and Ethereum, companies that accept crypto as a payment method, companies that provide a cryptocurrency payment option, and companies that support crypto transactions.

Why do companies accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a payment method?

Companies accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a payment method for various reasons. For some companies, it is a way to attract customers who prefer to pay with bitcoin or use cryptocurrency for their transactions. Accepting crypto also allows companies to tap into the growing number of crypto users and cater to their preferred payment method.

Are there any advantages for companies that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments?

Yes, there are several advantages for companies that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments. Firstly, it expands its customer base by attracting crypto users who prefer to pay with cryptocurrency. Additionally, accepting crypto can provide a competitive edge as it is still a relatively new and innovative payment method. Furthermore, crypto transactions often have lower payment processing fees compared to traditional payment methods, which can be beneficial for companies.

Is Bitcoin the only cryptocurrency accepted by these companies?

No, many companies that accept Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments also accept other cryptocurrencies, such as Ethereum. They understand that there are multiple cryptocurrencies in the market, and providing options for customers to use their preferred crypto enhances convenience and acceptance.

When did these companies start accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments?

The timeline varies for different companies. While some companies started accepting Bitcoin and cryptocurrency payments recently, others have been doing so for a longer period. In fact, some companies were one of the first in their respective industries to embrace crypto and offer it as a payment option to their customers.

How can customers make payments with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

Customers can make payments with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency by using their crypto wallets or through a crypto exchange. They can scan the QR code provided by the company or input the relevant payment details manually. The payment transaction is then verified and completed using the specific cryptocurrency being used for the payment.

Are there any limitations or restrictions when making payments with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency?

While making payments with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency has become more mainstream, there are still some limitations and restrictions. These can include the acceptance of specific cryptocurrencies by the company, minimum transaction amounts, and potential fluctuations in crypto exchange rates at the time of payment. It’s always a good idea for customers to check the payment options and terms provided by each individual company.

Can these companies provide refunds in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency?

Whether these companies provide refunds in Bitcoin or cryptocurrency depends on their refund policies. Some companies may offer refunds in Bitcoin or the specific cryptocurrency used for the payment, while others may provide refunds in traditional fiat currency. It’s important to review the company’s refund policy or contact their customer support for more information regarding refunds.

Are there any risks involved when using Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for payments?

As with any form of payment, there are certain risks involved when using Bitcoin or cryptocurrency for payments. These risks can include potential price volatility, transaction delays, and the potential for fraudulent or unauthorized transactions. It’s advisable for customers to use reputable crypto wallets and ensure they are familiar with the company’s payment terms and security measures before making a payment with Bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

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