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Earn Money Testing Products: Legit Ways to Get Paid to Test Products at Home in 2024


Earn Money Testing Products: Legit Ways to Get Paid to Test Products at Home in 2024



A person is testing new tech gadgets in a modern home office.

Looking for ways to make extra cash from home can be tough. Many people want to find a simple, fun way to earn money in their spare time. Did you know? You can get paid just by testing out new products and sharing your thoughts on them.

This is where we come into play!

Our guide introduces you to the world of product testing, where Sharing your opinions on products and services, a crucial step in developing new items. can lead to real rewards. From household items to the latest tech gadgets, companies are eager to hear what you think.

And yes, they’re willing to pay for it! Whether it’s through PayPal cash or free stuff that lands at your doorstep, this article will show you how it’s done. Get ready—extra income awaits!

Key Takeaways

  • Companies are always looking for people to test new products and give feedback. Platforms like product testing sites offer opportunities to test products and services, take surveys, and participate in product review. UserTesting, Swagbucks, and Survey Junkie connect you with these opportunities, allowing you to influence how products come out before they reach the public.
  • You can earn money or other rewards like Amazon gift cards and free products By testing items from home, including beauty products, and often you get to keep the product. Payment varies based on the company and the type of product but could range from $10 to $100 for more detailed reviews.
  • Some top companies that offer paid product testing include Johnson & Johnson, a renowned company for its beauty products. for beauty products. Apple, Nike, Johnson & Johnson, and McCormick & Company. Each provides unique chances to test everything from tech gadgets and athletic gear to health products and seasonings.
  • No upfront costs are involved in becoming a product tester; all you need is a device like a smartphone or computer with internet access. Keeping your profile updated on testing platforms increases your chances of being selected for tests.
  • Your input as a tester not only earns you extra income but also helps improve future products making it beneficial both for companies wanting genuine feedback and individuals looking for ways to make money online.


Understanding Product Testing



A group of individuals trying out different products in an office.

Moving from the introduction to diving deeper, product testing Is a crucial step in developing new items, emphasizing the importance of Direct user input is sought for through product review processes and participating in surveys. through product review processes. Companies use it to get feedback on their creations before they hit the market.

This process involves Real users provide valuable feedback by participating in surveys and product testing. trying out products and sharing their honest opinions. Through platforms like UserTesting, people can test everything from software to consumer goods.

Their insights help companies refine their products.

To become part of this process, you need to match certain criteria set by businesses seeking feedback. They might look for specific demographic information or interests that align with the product being tested.

Once selected, testers receive items or access to services. They then offer detailed feedback or complete tasks while using the product—like scanning barcodes with a handheld scanner for market research purposes.

This direct user input is invaluable for improving products and ensuring they meet customer needs before wide release.

How to Become a Product Tester

A person filling out a questionnaire surrounded by product samples.



Becoming a product tester opens doors to making money online while trying out new items. You get to influence products before they hit the market. Here’s how you can start your journey as a product tester:


  1. Research and identify platforms that offer product testing opportunities, like UserTesting.comSwagbucks, or Survey Junkie. These websites serve as bridges between companies seeking feedback and individuals willing to provide it.
  2. Sign up for these platforms by creating an account. You’ll need to provide some basic information about yourself including your email address. This step is crucial for matching you with the right testing opportunities.
  3. Complete a practice test if required. For example, UserTesting requires new testers to take a quick practice test before getting started.
  4. Fill out screening questionnaires honestly. Your responses will help match you with products that fit your interests and experiences.
  5. Keep an eye on your email for invitations to test products. Companies send out emails when they find a match between a product and your profile.
  6. Accept the testing gig quickly as spots can fill up fast. Once accepted, you’ll receive instructions on how to proceed with testing the product.
  7. Use the product following the guidelines provided, paying close attention to ease of use, features, and any potential issues you encounter.
  8. Provide honest feedback through online surveys or focus groups after using the product. Your insights will help companies improve their offerings.
  9. Get rewarded for your time and feedback in various forms such as cash via PayPal (like UserTesting.com offers), Amazon gift cards, free products, or prepaid Visa gift cards.
  10. Stay active in online communities related to product testing and keep updating your profile on testing platforms to increase your chances of being selected for future tests.


Each of these steps brings you closer to becoming a successful product tester who contributes valuable insights while earning extra cash on the side.

Ways to Get Paid to Test Products



A person completes online surveys surrounded by various new products.

Discover different paths to earn money by trying out new items, from completing surveys on Swagbucks to performing tasks on UserTesting.com. Explore these opportunities and start making extra cash today.


Swagbucks offers you a way to earn cash by testing products. You sign up on their platform, try out new items, and share your thoughts through surveys or reports. Your feedback helps companies improve their goods.

The more useful your insights are, the higher your chances of getting selected for future tests.

Moving on from earning with Swagbucks, Survey Junkie opens another avenue for making money online through product testing and surveys.

Survey Junkie

Moving from Swagbucks, let’s explore Survey Junkie. This platform opens doors for you to test a wide range of products including beauty items, housekeeping aids, and digital goods.

You share your experiences with companies through surveys. These insights help businesses shape their future offerings to better meet customer needs.

Survey Junkie rewards you with points for each product test completed. You can exchange these points for cash via PayPal without worrying about taxes being deducted from your earnings.

Payments usually reach contributors within two weeks after completing a test. Engage with Survey Junkie on social platforms like Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on new opportunities to earn extra income while enjoying the process of testing new products.


InboxDollars stands out for paying users to test products, complete surveys, and share their experiences. Right from the start, you get a $5 sign-up reward. This platform makes earning money online straightforward without any fees.

You engage with different services or items and provide valuable feedback. Then, InboxDollars rewards you with cash through PayPal about two weeks after completing a task.

You won’t worry about taxes on your earnings here. This detail matters because it means more money stays in your pocket. From taking part in brochure campaigns to giving opinions on new snacks, your insights help businesses grow while you earn extra cash and often get to keep the products.

Now let’s explore what i-Say offers for product testers like you.


i-Say, brought to you by Ipsos, invites individuals like you to engage in surveys and share thoughts on products. This platform ties up with top-class organizations such as Canva and Hello Fresh, creating opportunities for you to test various services while enjoying the comfort of your home.

You can earn extra cash without any sign-up costs. And guess what? They send rewards within two weeks after completing tests.

They pay contributors through PayPal, making transactions smooth and hassle-free. The beauty of i-Say lies in its flexibility – rewards are available as cryptocurrency, real money, or shopping coupons.

Participants love the platform for providing a fun way to earn additional income from anywhere. Now that we’ve explored i-Say’s offerings let’s move forward and uncover what UserTesting.com has in store for us.


Moving on from i-Say, let’s explore UserTesting.com, a platform that stands out for its approach to helping companies shape their products. This site allows you to earn money by sharing your thoughts on various tests.

You work directly with large organizations and upcoming innovators in the business world. Your insights help these businesses focus more on the customer when creating new items or services.

The process is straightforward—there are no fees involved for joining as a contributor. After completing a short preliminary test and giving some basic information about yourself, you’re ready to start.

Make sure your tools like computers or smartphones meet the necessary requirements. The website also recommends having a microphone and installing their specific application for tasks.

Once your feedback is approved, expect rewards within 14 days, contributing towards making products better suited for users like us.

The Potential Earnings from Product Testing

A person is working on lifestyle photography with various products.



Earning money through product testing can be a fun and rewarding side hustle. You work with brands like Swagbucks, Survey Junkie, and UserTesting.com to share your thoughts on their items.

This could include anything from software applications to cosmetics. Participants often get paid through PayPal shortly after their feedback is provided, which keeps the process simple and straightforward.

Most contributors find this an excellent way to earn extra cash without any upfront fees.

The amount you can make varies widely depending on several factors such as the company you’re testing for and the type of product. Some tests might pay $10 while others could offer up to $100 or more for more in-depth evaluations.

It’s all about finding opportunities that match your interests and investment of time. With commitment, some testers even turn this gig into a significant source of income, making hundreds each month just by sharing what they think about new products hitting the market.

The Types of Products Available for Testing


A diverse range of tech products being tested in a modern office.


You might find yourself testing a wide array of items as a product tester. This includes digital goods Such as applications on your smartphone or software for your computer, and websites that need user feedback to improve their interface, encompassing a wide range of products and services.

Not limited to just the online universe, physical items like electronic devicesbeauty essentials from brands like L’Oreal and Urban Decay, athletic gear from companies such as Nike, and even food products are also up for evaluation.

Exploring further into gadgets territory, you could be experimenting with the latest smartphones including iPhones or iPads, wearable technology like smartwatches, home entertainment systems including Apple TVs, or even household appliances needing thorough usability reviews.

With each product tested comes an opportunity not only to experience the newest innovations first-hand but also to have a say in their final market version. Moving onto how these opportunities come about reveals an interesting process.

The Legitimacy of Product Testing Jobs


Person testing and reviewing products at a desk with a laptop.


Many people wonder if jobs that pay you to test products are real. These opportunities not only exist but also offer a fun and engaging way to earn extra cash. Platforms like UserTesting and TestingTime stand out as reliable places where anyone eager to share their opinions on new items can sign up.

After a quick registration process, which includes a practice test, users match with studies suited to their interests.

Earn money by giving feedback on everything from makeup to digital apps can sound too good to be true. Yet, these platforms prove it’s possible by rewarding testers for their honest reviews.

For those looking into making some side income through such gigs, exploring sites listed in reputable articles provides a strong starting point. Doing so ensures that the time spent sharing your thoughts turns into an opportunity to make money testing products. actual rewards without falling prey to scams or fruitless endeavors.

Top Companies that Pay for Product Testing

Leading brands such as Johnson & Johnson, McCormick & Company, Inc., Apple, and Nike offer opportunities for product testing. They search for people eager to give feedback on new items.

This opens a door for you to try out the latest gadgets, health products, sports gear, and food items before anyone else. Picture yourself using the newest iPhone or tasting seasonings that haven’t hit store shelves yet—all while earning money! Step into this exciting venture and discover how your opinions can shape future products by engaging in product testing sites.

Keep reading to learn how you can join this rewarding journey in product testing and get to keep the products you review.

Johnson & Johnson

Johnson & Johnson invites you to join its JJ Friends & Neighbors program. This opportunity includes surveys, panels, focus groups, and hands-on product testing roles. You’ll get to try out new items before anyone else and share your honest feedback directly with the company.

Participants enjoy earning extra money while experiencing new products firsthand.

People who have taken part in these opportunities often talk about how much fun it is to test out new goods and help influence future products. Your opinions can shape what ends up on store shelves and make a real difference.

Joining this community connects you with a well-known brand and opens the door for you to contribute in meaningful ways—all while getting compensated for your time and insights.

McCormick & Company, Inc.

McCormick & Company, Inc. offers a golden chance for you to earn by testing their products. They pay up to $100 per hour for in-person sessions and as much as $15 for home tests with Amazon gift cards as compensation.

This makes it an attractive option for those looking to make money online through product testing.

This company is among the elite brands that reward users handsomely for providing valuable feedback on their items. Engaging in these tests can lead to significant earnings, especially if you take part in several sessions.

The process not only helps improve future products but also lets you have a say in what hits the market next.


Apple stands out as a leading name in the world of product testing, offering you an inviting chance to make money online. By sharing your thoughts on their products, which range from smartphones and tablets to laptops and digital music players, you get rewarded with cash.

Partnering directly with organizations like UserTesting.com, Apple ensures that voices like yours help shape the future of their gadgets. This unique opportunity not only allows you to earn but also gives you a sneak peek into upcoming innovations.

You become part of an exclusive community when testing for Apple. Imagine having access to the latest versions of iOS or OS X before they hit the market. Your feedback can lead to real changes in software updates or new device features.

This kind of influence puts power right in your hands, making you a vital component of Apple’s development process. Plus, who wouldn’t love bragging rights about using next-generation tech before it becomes mainstream?


Nike partners with elite organizations like Canva and Go Daddy to offer you a unique chance at product testing. This means you get firsthand access to athletic footwear and sporty apparel before anyone else does.

Imagine wearing the latest sneakers or workout clothes, sharing your thoughts on them, and getting rewards for it. Your feedback helps Nike enhance their goods, making every sprint better than the last.

You join an exclusive online community of testers who influence the next wave of products hitting the market. Through platforms such as Influenster and social media networks, your reviews not only guide potential buyers but also shape future designs.

With Nike’s commitment to innovation, your contributions play a critical role in sporting advancements. Get ready to test, tweet, and transform how we all experience athleticism through clothing and shoes that push boundaries.


Dive into the world of product testing and start earning today. You can make money online by sharing your thoughts on new items from top brands like Apple and Nike. With platforms such as UserTesting.com and Swagbucks, getting started is simple.

All you need is a device like a smartphone or computer and an internet connection to begin. Imagine the possibilities as you test exciting products, from tech gadgets to beauty essentials, all while building up extra income right from your home.

Transform your opinions into cash rewards and embrace the opportunity to influence future products on the market.

Frequently Asked Questions about Product Testing and Getting Paid

How can I get paid to test products?

BASICLIST: You can earn money by signing up as a product tester for various companies. They provide products to test and pay you for your feedback.

EXTENDED LIST: One of the legit ways to get paid is by participating in product testing programs where you’ll test products at home and get paid for your reviews.

What are some ways to get paid by testing products?

BASICLIST: There are several ways to get paid by testing products, including online surveys, earning points, and receiving cash payments.

EXTENDED LIST: Companies pay individuals to Test the product, provide a product review, and often get to keep the product. before it hits the market as one way to earn money through product testing.

How can I become a product tester and get free products?

BASICLIST: By joining product testing opportunities, you can test new and get free products to review and keep.

EXTENDED LIST: Some companies allow you to test a variety of products and keep them, giving you the opportunity to get paid to test websites and other services.

What is the American Consumer Opinion program for product testers?

BASICLIST: American Consumer Opinion is a platform where product testers can share their opinions on products and services through participating in surveys. and earn rewards like Amazon gift cards or pay in cash.

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